Lessons from Banten Election

Barring some unforeseen circumstances, the six-year-old province of Banten will experience a real test of its democracy when it holds its first direct gubernatorial election tomorrow (Nov. 26).

All the preparations have been completed, including checks on the candidates’ health and wealth.

Individual wealth reports are required from each candidate to ensure transparency and an election that is free from vote buying or fraud. This is particularly important in Indonesia, where most people simply assume politicians are corrupt.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has verified and made public the candidates’ assets. In terms of the wealth of the candidates, Triyana Syam’un leads with total assets of Rp 329 billion. The incumbent, Ratu Atut Chosiyah, a businesswoman who took over the family construction firm, is second with assets valued at Rp 70 billion.

Four pairs of candidates are contesting the polls. Ratu Atut Chosiyah and her running mate Mas Achmad Masduki; Zulkiflimansyah and former actress Marissa Haque; Triyana Syam’un and Benyamin Davinie; and Irsyad and Ahmad.

The run-up to the election has been relatively smooth, despite the disqualification of one pair of candidates for lacking necessary political backing and the discovery of some fake ballots. Another hiccup is that many eligible voters who live in subdistricts bordering Jakarta have yet to receive their voter cards. And they are just among the tens of thousands of Banten residents who could lose their right to vote due to administrative errors.

More worrying, the provincial poll watchdog Panwasda has recorded several violations that could be considered serious breaches of the election law, including the use of minors and government officials in campaigns.

Banten’s direct gubernatorial election will surely be of interest to the managers of Jakarta, as well as residents of the capital, which will hold its first direct gubernatorial election next year. Jakarta should study the vote in Banten and watch how the neighboring province manages security and other election issues.

Banten, whose several regencies used to be part of Jakarta and West Java, has made amazing progress over the last six years.

Things got off to a bumpy start when Banten’s first governor, Djoko Munandar, was dismissed for graft. But his deputy Ratu Atut Chosiyah took over the administration and has won praise for her clean leadership in guiding the province of more than nine million.

Banten’s economy grew 5.88 percent last year from 3.95 percent in 2001. This success has encouraged provincial managers to launch an investment campaign called Banten Gerbang Investasi (Banten, the Investment Gateway).

From a legal point of view, Banten has also made substantial improvements. Chosiyah has said that legal certainty and law enforcement are key to wooing investors.

There are many things Jakarta will be watching for in the Banten vote, because what happens there could have a serious impact here.

Chosiyah and Masduki, who were nominated by the Golkar Party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), the Star Reform Party, the Crescent Star Party and the Prosperous Democratic Party, can expect a strong challenge from Zulkiflimansyah and Marissa, who are backed by the Muslim-based Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and Indonesian Syarikat Party.

If Zulkiflimansyah and Marissa win, it will confirm the position of the PKS as a major political player, after having won the legislative election in Jakarta and the mayoral election in Depok, another commuter suburb to Jakarta.

While we expect the election in Banten to proceed peacefully, administrative hiccups and political rifts could lead to a delay. But we expect the administration and people of Banten to address all these problems in a smart and mature manner.

Whoever wins the Banten gubernatorial election, the first concern for Jakarta will be security. Only with good security will the new governor and deputy governor be able to continue the economic success story that Banten has become.

And a prosperous Banten will only benefit Jakarta, which could expect fewer people from the neighboring province to pour into the capital in search of work.

The Jakarta Post, November 25, 2006


~ by anick on November 25, 2006.

19 Responses to “Lessons from Banten Election”

  1. Raswin SH MH adalah cecunguknya Ratu Atut Chosiyah di Universitas Borobudur Kalimalang, Jakarta Timur. Mereka adalah sindikat geng penjahat Banten. Kenapa Polda Metro Jaya tidak menangkap selamanya Raswin, SH, MH itu ya? Atut katanya pasang badan buat Raswin.

  2. Ijazah Palsu Rt Atut Chosiyah sebentar lagi akan terbongkar dan sangat bau sebau hidung palsu siliconnya. S1 dia dari Universitas Borobudur, Kali Malang Jakarta Timur benar=benar menjijikkan dusta yang Atut mujntahkan kepada rakyat banten selama ini.

  3. Marissa Haque: Ambassador for Rhino Conservation (Rhinoceros sondaicus

    Marisa Haque with the Ujung Kulon staff, sharing the information about rhino conservation
    21 Juni 2006

    What is the relation between Marisa Haque and endangered Java Rhino? The question also pop up in the head of visitors of Supermall Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten. This curiosity finnaly answered in interactive discussion session “Fun Talk with WWF and Marisa Haque about Java Rhino Conservation” participated by 200 participants. This activity held by WWF-Indonesia with Supermall Karawaci last April 16th 2006.

    Besides being member of DPR Commission IV, responsible for environmental issues, Marissa Haque, a celebrity and film producer who is very concerned for Java Rhino conservation manifest her concern as Ambassador for Java Rhino, that is now only 50-60 rhinos. .

    As ambassador, Marissa also involved in communicating the information about the importance of Rhino conservation, she even involved directly in making documentary film about Java rhino which now still in progress. Marissa always relates many social economy issues with rhino conservation because those are inseparable. “I will help to find export market for rhino statuettes made by local community” said Marissa. .

    Fun Discussion in food court area not only discussed about Java Rhino, but laso many aspects related that can’t be ignored to assure it’s conservation, starting from small-medium business to woman power issue. WWF-Ujung Kulon team shared story about action done to preserve Java Rhino in the middle of forest restriction violation situation and illegal logging currently happen surround Ujung Kulon National Park. .

    Iwan ‘Podol’, WWF-Indonesia researcher in Ujungkulon discuss condition of the animal that restricted for hunting in 1990s. Daily experience on field when implementing conservation and protection action for Java Rhino, fluently told by Pak Uus, member of Rhino Patrol Unit from Balai Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon. Meanwhile Bapak Warca, head of Koperasi Kagum and Pak Komar from Community representative Ujung Kulon told how community economy program through handcraft creation, especially rhino statue, eco-tourism, and credit union allowance surround National Park positively influence the whole environment. .

    Another activity held is demonstration the making of rhino statuettes, rhino T-shirt, traps camera photo exhibition and certainly door prize. Ask & Question session between keynote speaker and participants flow very well, it seems besides the excellence of moderator in triggering participant interest, community start to realize the importance of being involved in environmental conservation action. Hopefully, in the future, not only Marissa Haque who is willing to be ambassador, but there will be other ambassadors with their persistence and determination to conserve environment…

    Sumber: http://www.wwf.or.id

  4. PROF.DR. FAISAL SANTIAGO, SH, MM adalah cecunguk yang membantu ijazah palsu Atut sampai ke Dikti, Diknas.

  5. Tuuut…bau kentuuut….sekilo berapa harga ijazah palsu elo tuuuutttt…????

  6. Atut Ngaku Kalah Melawan Marissa itu diakuinya saat hadir di HUTnya Agung Laksono semalam.

  7. Atut dituduhkan memiliki ijazah sarjana palsu. Ijasah palsu yang diterbitkan Universitas Borobudur, Kalimalang itu,digunakan Atut untuk ikut pemilihan gubernur sampai Atut terpilih dan duduk di kursi gubernur Banten.
    Atut datang ke Polda Metro untuk ditanyakan 20 buah pertanyaan terkait dengan ijazah palsunya dari FE universitas Borobudur Kalimalang, Jaktim itu didampingi Kaligis. Oleh petugas, Atut diarahkan ke Direktorat Reserse Kriminal Umum, dan dimintai keterangan.

  8. Keterlaluan kalau benar si Atut Chosiyah itu mendapatkan posisi birokrasi dengan kebohongan publik. Bukankah pidana 7 tahun yang akan dia dapatkan nantinya? turunkan Atut Chosiyah dari kursi Gubernur Banten palsunya karena dia tidak sah!!!!

  9. Supaya tidak ketangkap KPK, Rektor Universitas Borobudur Kalimalang Jakarta Timur mengundurkan diri digantikan menantunya. Dia dapat duit banyak dari Ratu Atut Chosiyah buat membeli ijazah SE palsunya dibantu oleh Profesor muda bernama DR. Faisal Santiago, SH, MM. Faisal ini yang menjadi jembatan ke Dikti dan Diknas didalam memuluskan ijazah palsunya Atut.

  10. 😥 😥 :'(Iajazah Palsu Sarjana Ekonomi si Ratu Atut Chosiyah didapatkan dari Universitas Borobudur Kalimalang Jaktim hanya didalam waktu 17 bulan menyelesaikan sebanyak 160 SKS. Gila bener si Atut itu ah! Iajazah palsu daqn pencemaran nama baik dari PIDANA kenapa Marissa Haque harus dihukum perdata??? nggak bener SBU, nggak bener negeri in Ah!!! Sabar mbak Marissa Haque. Indonesia butuh perempuan tangguh seperti anda. Memang Universitas Borobudur Kalimalang Jakarta Timur yang saya tahu karena rumah saya di Condet Jakarta Timur juga, adalah gudangnya para pembuat ijazah palsu dan disahkan oleh Dikti dan Diknas. Dirjennya di Dikti sangat korup namanya Prof. Dr. Fasli Jalal. Kejar SBY, karena IZIN PRESIDEN dia kacau!

  11. Loh kok aneh ya? Semua komentar seperti memojokkan atut dan tim suksesnya. Saya jd curiga komentar itu direkayasa sendiri oleh oknum oknum nakal yg tidak terima dg terpilihnya atut!

  12. setuju dengan aku wanita…komen nya memang memojokan atut dan Prof dr Faisal santiago, SH, MM, ini fakta bahwa oknum yg tidak terpilih sebagai gubernur maka sakit hati dengan Atut, masyarakat juga bisa menilai mana yang lebih berkompeten deh

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